App not very functional in Mobile

I have made a simple weather app which is very much functional (in web browser view) as i wanted
but when i tested my apk it wasnt that much functional i.e in my weather app you can enter a city and you
get list of options which i am getting from the autocomple API which works fine in web browser view but not in my mobile device.
Internet connections are fine and not firewall or proxy is there as mobile and PC are on the same network

So whats your problem exactly? What kind of behaviour do you expect from your app on mobile? Do you get any errors? What kind of device are you testing on? Are you doing stuff that might clog up your mobile device? Do you have many draws on the screen? We can’t really help unless you provide a specific problem to work with. ‘But not in mobile device’ doesn’t tell us anything I’m afraid.

All what @luukschoen said plus you will probably want to use this to look into the console log on your device:
You will probably find some errors there in the console and network tab.

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There are no errors so far.And no other problem everything is working fine .
I am getting a drop down list when i view in web browser like this

but when using same in mobile device(Leeco android device),there’s no drop down

Did you check the console on the device when you type via the link I posted?

You should take a look into the console on your device through chrome://inspect :slight_smile: to see if theres an issue logging when running on your device

chrome://inspect output is this with a blank

You’ve got USB debugging enabled on your device? Because it should show the same logging functions as in your browser.

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USB debugging is enabled.
I learned that while using API there was Cross-origin resource sharing(CORS) error, so i have set
proxies in ionic.config.json after that it was working fine, so i want to ask is there a problem with that.
For this line “this.searchUrl=‘http://localhost:8100/search/aq?query=’;” only i have used the proxy to avoid CORS error,
“proxies”: [
“path”: “/search”,
“proxyUrl”: “

If thats the problem i.e mobile device couldn’t get to localhost:8100 can you please suggest a way how to implement that link so that it couldn’t get CORS error(the one i used was from ionic docs) and works fine in mobile device.

Did you confirm that the device has problems reaching this URL? If you didn’t this is just guessing. Suggesting a solution could be totally useless. So please, find a way to find the real problem first.

I m just guessing.
As there is no error on the chrome://inspect page so what should I do next

If there is no error, then nothing is broken.
If you only see this “white page” you posted a screenshot of above, then something else is broken. It should look like a normal dev tools session.

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What steps should I take ​to get a normal dev tools session

Following the directions here should be enough:

I have followed each and every step again then also nothing happening on the inspector


Did you restart after installing the drivers?
Your Chrome is uptodate?
Have a look at the answers here:

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I have got the errors after restarting the updated browser
and the error is the one which i was guessing earlier.
the result is;

Okay, good to see you got your console working. Localhost:8100 isn’t available on your device, that should be obvious ;). It runs on your local machine instead.

yes sir
so what to do to resolve the issue.
I googled for the error and i found a stack overflow answer but it didn’t help me.

You have the whitelist plugin installed?