App not making http call

I’m having some issue after I build my app for iOS with http calls. When I use ionic serve and test my app on the browser all the http calls work fine, but after I build it for iOS when I try my app on my iPhone it does not make any http class.

I do have the the following on my config

Do I need to add anything else? I’m using @angular/http should I use this ( instead?

are you using the proxy setup in Ionic?

I do not have proxy setup, I’m just calling my https url? I tested the URL I’m calling using postman and it is working fine. Not sure why it would not work when I make the call from the native app.

I did noticed on my server when I make the call from the app that the refer header options is coming from

is this correct?

figured out why. We are using WKWebview so we need to make some changes to our server to allow it.