App Loading Issue

Hi! Every one, We developed a app using ionic, recently we posted app in play store
We are facing the following issues in our app.

  1. App crashes at first time when user try to login.
  2. Swipe is not working as we expected
  3. In Landscape mode app is not working fine
  4. some places scroll is not working
    please suggest me a solution

First of all… i have to say… sry… “LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL”

I think nobody will debug your app for you,

Make a codepen or code examples for your login.
And please give us a little bit more details…

Ionic apps behave very well in landscape mode, scrolling is working…

So please show us a little bit more.

Hey @pradeepmogi, could you provide some more information? What version of ionic did you use? What version of android do you support?

@bengtler does have a point, we’ll need some more information to help out.

Thank you very much for your response…
We are using ionic beta 6 and android 3.0 and above.
For development we are using ionic with angularJS.

Do you use ionic.bundle or ionic, ionic-angular and angularjs on its own?

Iam using the following plugins
CSS: ionic.min.css,ionic_overrides.css,font-awesome.css,font-awesome.min.css,progressjs.min.css

please suggest me…