App: loading data, store into, update by changes


Hey guys,

I try to build an app for group management.
So the user can create groups, update there details, invite other members from his contact-list into groups (like whatsapp) and posting entries into the group.

So the app needs to load all groups of an user and store them into the --> if the user is offline and reducing data-traffic

It should all load from, but update the storage if there is any new entry or any change.

this is, what i want to build. :smile:
but i don’t know how to start. What is the best way to do this?
Should i use $resource or http.get.

now i do the first steps (loading groups) with http.get() with PHP-files like load_Groups.php and load_groupdetails.php?ID=xyz

Has anyone a good idea how to build something like that?


$resource is built on top of $http and makes it easier to deal with REST backends.
So if your PHP server exposes a REST API, go for $resource.