App level lifecycle events?

Does Ionic have, or will it have an app level event that will run in advance of the app itself completing booting? More specifically, an event that will fire after platform.ready() has fired and before the apps rootpage onPageWillEnter() fires?

What I looking at is how do you run initial app setup? Does everybody create a one time use page that displays until the setup is complete and then move forward from there?

Curious how people are handing this.

Since an Ionic 2 app is an angular 2 app, I’m going to assume that we can use angular 2 lifecycle events at the app level.
I haven’t tested this, but I think that it should work.

look at the links

SDP1966, did you figure out how to do this. I am very new to mobile dev and Ionic2 and Angular 2 and want to do exactly what you were trying to do.