App is not working in Windows Phone


My app is not rendering in windows mobile.Could you please suggest me how to deploy my app into windows mobile

what is the problem?
Can you explain in detail?
May be i can help you… :slight_smile:

Hi Shashi Kanth,

Thanks for giving reply. I am trying to deploy my app into windows mobile by using Telerik App Builder. Telerik is an editor for developing mobile apps. When i deploy my app into windows mobile it is just displaying splash screen and after that crashing that means app is closing. For iPhone and Android it is working fine. Could u please suggest me how to deploy my app into windows phone.

Thank You.

I don’t know about Telerik App Builder. But try following step-

1)ionic start myTestApp sidemenu
2)Create platform wp8
3)build platform
4)Find XHRHelper.cs inside platforms\wp8\cordovalib\XHRHelper.cs
5) replace content of XHRHelper.cs from
6)Again Build platform.
7)Install in device.

let me know if any problem…

by link

i get OH NOES, 404.
Please give me new link to github

with Cordova 6 u don’t need to modify XHRHelper and you can do “cordova platform add windows” and build for phone and tablet (metro).

it just works

Apologies for wrong link…
Use following link…

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Fine!!! I can see my app on Windows Phone!
but there are problem with all icons in my application.
May be you know the reason?

Is icon not displaying ?? :slight_smile:

In windows Phone, you need to set icon manually…

This Solution works for me

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Hi @shashikant

I am unable to deploy my app into windows mobile. Can u please explain which editor u r using to develop the application. And how to deploy app into windows mobile.

I install native windows app development apk. Then i install using Application Deployment .

Hello Windows Phone developers. Could anyone of you tell me if I need SLAT capable CPU for developing Windows Phone apps or is the SLAT only the requirement for using Windows Phone emulator? I’ve got a Nokia Lumia device so maybe a SLAT CPU isn’t needed in my case? I know that Windows 8.x is a must, but maybe the SLAT is only for emulatoion purposes? Plase let me know.

I think that SLAT is required for WP emulator only.
see this link:

I use Win 7 but I was able to install Windows 8.1 + VisualStudio2013 to VirtualBox VM.
I connect my Lumia to virtual machine and no problems :smile:

@dimmetrius, is your CPU SLAT capable?

Yes my CPU in host OS (windows 7) is SLAT capable.
In my guest OS (virtual windows 8.1) i can deploy\debug WP applications to real device, but i can’t run WP emulator

Ok, thank you. I need to confirm that SLAT is needed only for the emulator. Since you’ve got SLAT CPU you cannot be sure unless you are :slight_smile: So please anyone else ?