App is freezing when packet loss is high

I’ve got an iPad deployment of Ionic 3. This particular app will freeze sometimes. This app has a particular workflow that takes about 5 minutes to complete. When it is freezing the app freezes about 75% of the time during this process. When it isn’t freezing it never freezes.

When the app starts freezing I run over to and I’ve seen packet loss from around 7% up to 18% at times where the app is freezing. The correlation between app freezes and packet loss in all cases I’ve run across is 100%.

We’ve tried multiple physical locations and multiple internet providers. And the correlation is the same. When I see this high packet loss (which seems to be common) then the app freezes.

My boss just bought a 4G hotspot and we tested it. It was getting 9.5% packet loss. And of course the app froze. He connected to his home internet, 0% packet loss and no freezing.

Is there anything I can do to fix this problem? Has anyone else run across this?