App Icon and Splash screen do not show!


My images meet the requirements needed by creator, they upload fine. But when I package the app I do not see my app icon or splash screen, instead I see the default icon and splash screen (which I believe is phone gap). Anyone else having this issue?


21 days without an answer?? i think this forum (creator part) is dead.
Even if u have a paid account, the support team redirects u to this forum or stack stackoverflow. Really? i’m paying a software and there is no documentation about it, everybody knows how to drag & drop.


I can get the debug version of the Android .apk to export and it has the correct icons and splash screen images, can’t get the release versions to even create the package yet.

Have to resort to exporting to zip and publishing with CLI


Actually are you referring to packaging in creator or exporting via a zip file?

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve only been able to package the android debug .apk so I assume once I sort it out it’ll include the icons and splash screen in the release version as well.

If you’re exporting via a zip file and compiling in CLI you’ll have to replace the android and iOS icon/splash screen folders as creator doesn’t export them.