App freezed after resuming in an hour

I have a project with some tabs in Ionic, when I am in a branch of tab and I minimize the app, if I return after one hour app will be unresponsive.

I am able to switch tabs, but current tab is without “back button” and I cannot click.

I have thought to put a “refresh” for when I resume the app, maybe recalling “ngInit”, but I cannot set this “refresh” in every tab.


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Yes, I can explain better.

I have an app with tabs with Ionic v7.

When I minimize the app and I am on a tab, maybe some deep inside the tree, after one hour if I resume the app, that is freezed and there is no back button

That’s not an explanation. You haven’t: showed any code, debugging techniques, or what have you searched online to help you fix this issue. so how can we magically fix your problem without knowing the details?

There is not code in the page that freeze, I said that.

Maybe I have one table (with due rows) in HTML and if I return after one hour there is some problem and “back button” disappeared

I can try to force “refresh”, calling ngInit after resume, but I should do for every page and “back button” problem remain

@Markmzedon it looks like almost all of your responses that you’ve made here on this forum appear AI generated. Please only provide your own responses as the AI generated ones you’ve made aren’t adding any real solutions to the OP’s issue.


No one?

Seems a problem related to app “resume”, when I am in a sub-menu/tab

This happens in our app as well sometimes.

Tab setup and you start navigating and creating a history stack, with each page using .
If a user puts the app in the background, after a few hours comes back and resumes the app, the ion-back-button has disappeared off of the page and no back button displays anymore.
We are not sure why/how to solve at this stage as only happens sometimes.

Not a fix for the root cause, but if you set the defaultHref on the IonBackButton, it will always show and have a fallback.


I should try that

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