App for asset tracking

We are starting with developing an Ionic app which will be used for asset tracking using MapBox. Here is a good description of what we want to do The four things you need to track anything in real time | by Mapbox | maps for developers

The first step is to find a solution for pushing location and other attribute data from a mobile device to a Stream Processor that will listen for the data. Does anyone know what service or plugin we could use for that?

We are new at this and here is how, map box support described the process

Blockquote The device/hardware would need to its own software with an API service that can PUSH location and attribute data from. The Stream Processor listens for this information and can collect it on their end (e.g. PubNub, Pusher, etc.). The Database can then be used to store this info. All of this is considered the API Gateway and Mapbox is the final piece where you can poll or process info from the API Gateway so you can visualize it on your map.