App files in external host, Cordova packed


Hi guys,

I`m building an app which will be hosted in an external server so that I can deploy updates faster (no need for store approval). At the moment, the only solution that I have found to do so is to also host cordova.js, its plugins and handle to add the correct ones according to the platform being used. (Am I missing a better way?)

Anyway, I`m making this post to suggest a feature like being able to serve files locally.
This way, instead of also hosting cordova files, I imagine being able to access them by using “localhost” as an URL.

// Hosted app in
< script src=“http://localhost/cordova.js” > < / script > // Would load the cordova files packed within the app.

This way I also wouldn`t even have to handle the correct platform, as this would already have been taken care by the app build process. Think this would be a major step on “on-the-fly updating apps”. Any thoughts on it?



But this way if there’s no internet connection your app won’t work, it’ll probably just display a blank page. Is this not a problem for you?

I know I’m not really answering your question, but I am interested in your use case.


The app that I’m building is highly based on dynamic content so if there is no internet connection it will be useless anyway. Also I’m thinking on some type of cache (manifest, maybe?) so that after installing and launching it for the first time I would still be able to show a friendly message in case of no internet connection. But I haven’t thought much about it yet.

  • Forgot to say, it`s very important for me to be able to deploy changes fast as the app is meant to be a MVP and is for sure te have constant updates/changes. Store approvals would be a big pain/slow down in the process.


Update: Ionic Deploy was released.