App Crash after live deploy to new build

This morning I received an email from ionic support.
Ionic team already fix this issue

A message below from ionic team

"we’ve patched a problem in the Deploy build process that we believe should allow your live updates to be applied again.

If possible, please try a new Deploy build (you can use an existing commit, you’ll need a new Deploy/web build though) and try assigning that and testing via Deploy."

Today I submit a new build commit to my project and deploy to “beta” channel.
When I open my app and click update to the new build when finished download and extract. It will close(crash) app. I try to re-open app but my app still crashes.

I try to live update another project. It has occurred the same issue.

Has anyone encountered the same problem or know the solution to fix this issue.?

My config
cordova-plugin-ionic-webview" spec=“1.1.19”
@ionic/pro”: “1.0.20”,


I’m in the same boat, luckily it was not prod. Any word from Ionic?
It seems that the downloaded zip file is renamed to www instead of it’s UUID.

I have the same issue. Just started. My last deploy 4 days ago worked and still works. Let me konw what additional information is needed. Ionic 3 app.


Has anyone opened a ticket yet? These forums are maintained by volunteers who can’t help with Pro issues.
@danielpspring - are you using the most recent versions of cordova-plugin-ionic and the webview?

We were/are on v4 and v1.1.19, too.
I’m currently debugging if an upgrade to v5 and webview v2 is a solution.

Hi Timbru,

I’m not sure about a ticket but I’ll look. I’m not using the most recent versions of those two plugins but I’ll check them out. Do you know if these plugins are ionic 4 specific. I’m still on ionic 3.



this issue has been repaired by ionic pro