App connects remote MongoDB from browser but fails from Ionic View

Hi all!

I’ve created a basic app as described here: (it is my post, including all details). However, I have some trouble.

Currently it works:

  • the backend at Heroku (updating the mLab MongoDB).
  • the frontend locally in a browser (updating the mLab MongoDB).

BUT it does not work:

  • the frontend in my phone using the Ionic View app (it starts the app, but no data appears in the list, even if you use the “+” button to add it)
  • I guess the phone app via Ionic View is not able to connect to MongoDB, but I cannot check it neither debug it

Shall I do some “trivial think” to allow my Ionic app to connect to the remote mLab’s MongoDB?

Thanks a lot,


Your are exposing the MongoDB data as a REST API that your App uses, correct?
Have you looked if your app requests this URL and what it receives as a response? (Use remote debugging or a proxy like Charles Web Proxy, mitmproxy, Fiddler etc)

Thank you very much!

It’s working right now, I simply tried to dump some information using an alert… And it works… I really don’t know why it did not work at first.

In any case, thank you for your quick response and your advice about the “debugging proxies”.

It’s great to see that the Ionic community is active ; )

Thanks again!


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