App.bundle.js not updated on filechange - ionic serve

I wrote this as an answer to another thread. Apparently it wasn’t the same problem, so I’ll post a new thread.

I write my code, and since i’m running ionic serve, my cmd window says that my ts files are changed. My app reloads in my browser, and things seem fine.

Then i notice that things haven’t really changed. The new code doesn’t seem to be added to the app.bundle.js file. I did some change today, and checked the file in finder on my mac, and it says that the file haven’t been updated since November 13th.

I am new to this, and really have no idea where to look, to find the reason why the new code i write in my ts-files never actually makes it to my browser. Does anyone have any idea where i can start looking?

Someone had a similar problem in this thread and managed to get it working. You might want to try starting with the results:

Jaj that was mine, a problem with the amount of watches available in the OS.