App application directory after live update / deploy

I have an Ionic v5 app that does live updates using Ionic’s Appflow / Deploy.

This app uses the following two plugins to display an svg in a native photoviewer.
import { File } from ‘@ionic-native/file/ngx’;
import { PhotoViewer } from ‘@ionic-native/photo-viewer/ngx’;

Using${this.file.applicationDirectory}public/${this.src}) works fine when the binary app is installed.

After updating the content of the app using Appflow / Deploy, the applicationDirectory isn’t updated to match the new content. Any files I reference are the original ones from the binary.

I understand this is a limitation of the Cordova File plugin not being compatible with Appflow updates, but I’m hoping there is a solution to this problem. I’ve looked for a similar Capacitor plugin but I have had no luck. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?