App android over 150mb

I have an application that on Android exceeds 150 mb, I cannot reduce it more than that. I would like to put the excess part, video and images, as a module to download after installation, but I don’t understand how to do it. can you help me?

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well, if all those assets are just video / images loaded in the html code, you can put somewhere on a web-server and use the https link to attach as html source.


<img src="">

Doing this you won’t need to create an additional download package but the users will load the assets as soon as they need in your application

I had already thought about it, but since the assets are only 120 mb I would like it to be all inside the app

“only 120 mb” is a lot… I really mean it, A LOT

I was worried when my app reached 15mb and at the end i was able to reduce it to 6.5 mb

In my opinion loading the assets somewhere else is the best option, but, since I’m not a Pro, maybe someone else in the forum can give you better tips

yes of course, but now there are apps that also weigh GB once the downloads are finished … it is not a game, but it is a medical app and on ios I had no problem including everything, in fact it is already on the app store .
Anyway, thanks for your interest. If I don’t find a different solution, I will adopt yours.

glad to help :slight_smile:
have a nice day

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