.apk failed to install built on MAC to Android mobile

Hi guys ! am stuck in this issue for 2 days . I used windows to develop apk and never faced this issue but since i moved to mac recently i couldn’t test any of the apk in android platform. The app is not getting installed. I also checked out the signed apk still its the same. I really desperately need some help. Thanks in advance.
I used airdroid and android file transfer method both the methods gave me the same result.

Why don’t you just connect the Android device via USB and use the usual commands?

What is your ionic info output?
What exactly does “is not gettign installed” mean? Do you get an error message?

Sorry its my fault . Its working now :slight_smile:

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Can you share how you solved the problem?

well I already installed that same app which was built in windows and i tested in my android mobile. Now am new to MAC and i couldn’t test the same like i did on windows . Then i came to know i should have signed apk to test in android platform. But though i signed and sent to my android mobile ,it failed to install. Then i deleted the same app which was built in windows and tried to install again . It worked. It was a silly mistake by me but anyways the problem is solved.

Problem here was that you used a different certificate on Mac as you did on Windows - which changes the created APK and blocks installs of the other version. Good you figured it out!