API PUSH Notification

Hi team!!

I want send push notification with accents.

I checked if is possible through https://apps.ionic.io/. And I Did .

But When I use python for send words with accents, the push is displayed with wrongs caracters.

Can someone help me?

This code I use for send:

What are you sending?
What are you receiving?

I found the answer.

I did sent with latin-1.

I think IONIC need improve doc to explicit push data need be encoding with utf-8.

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So you had to encode the notification payload in utf8?

Can you create an issue here please: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic-cloud


My system uses latin-1 because this is old.

So, before I send push I need encode to utf8 payload. With str encoded with utf8, the push arrived and displayed perfect.


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OK. I Will create issue.