API handling

Hi good day everyone, i want to ask on how to listen to when there is any movement on a API like when theres some updated within that API?
any links or advices or tutorials? is a great help.
thanks :slight_smile:

i am using this method to access that api something i need to improve or revise for me to able to listen when there is changes to this api??

If you mean like when there’s a change in APl endpoints, then in your same API or somewhere on the server side, you’ll need a resource that responds with an API endpoint map. I’m not completely certain but I think implementing an API using HATEOAS may help for this.
And on your client side you’ll need to translate that map to something usable.

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Plse clarify changes: api definition or data delivered by api? Do you control the endpoint?

As to your code: plse include as text. And translating an observable into a promise is a waste, especially if you do it this way.



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