Anyone getting 404 on in beta.12?


I see this in Google Chrome console. I used to only see cordova.js.

v1.0.0-beta.12 404 file not found


Same issue here.


Also getting this 404, is it a bug or a feature.



Same 404 for me :frowning:


Hi! Thanks for release!!!

the same for me


and 404 for me too :wink:


I’m also getting a 404


Me too.
But it’s not a big problem as long as everything works fine =)

I also noticed a couple of things.
Before the app loads black sreen appears for a moment. And headers now don’t overlap the lists, so it looks like the first element has 2px top border.


404 here also. Nothing seems to break anyway.



An interessing answer:


same GET 404 Error, we’ll need to wait I guess, until the guys release the patch :wink:


Quick fix:

$ touch www/lib/ionic/js/

Makes the error message go away.


In Chrome console options, uncheck “Enable JavaScript source maps”