Any way to switch builds in-app with native plugins?

I’m trying to find a way to distribute builds while having full native/plugin access and allowing users to quickly switch between versions for testing, on both iOS and Android. Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this?

Here’s a comparison of current services, appended with my desired behaviour:

Service             Multi-Version       Ionic Native      Host Location
--                  --                  --                --
DevApp              yes                 no                local
View                no                  limited           remote
Deploy              no                  yes               remote
Package             no                  yes               local (downloads)
TestFlight          yes                 yes               remote
Play Store          no                  yes               remote
--                  --                  --                --
WANT:               yes                 yes               any

Some notes:

  • DevApp can handle switching between versions since you can ionic serve many instances
  • View supports some plugins but not all of the ones I need
  • Ionic Deploy is VERY close, except you can only install forward and not older versions
  • TestFlight is the closest (lets you install previous builds) but it’s iOS only
  • Play Store only allows installing the latest version for the single Alpha/Beta/Prod channel you are subscribed to

So how can I switch builds in-app while working with my full native deploys? This should be possible given that we have full source control and could bundle & switch out the main JS file during runtime, but I haven’t found any solutions yet.

Has anybody integrated this kind of feature in their project?