Announcing ngCordova: Simple Cordova plugin wrappers with angularJS


I would prefer if they implemented testable responses or somesort of interface like that. I’d like to test in my browser but when I try to select a photolocally get somesort of boilerplate response so I can finish developing my code against.


Hi, I’m working on something of the sort.
You can have a look at
It’s still work in progress, but the main objective is to provide wrappers for plugins that can fallback to Ionic components, for example $cordovaDialogs can fallback to $ionicPopup when running on a browser.


Any timeframe on ngCordova mocks?
(Also, thanks for ngCordova!)


Great help for me ! thank you~ Have you any plans about the search of wifi information plugin?


yes, an example would be awsome!


Hi All,

It would be really nice if someone can update ngCordova so that it can support “” method.


Hi all,

The plugin looks really awesome and I understand that it’s awesome.

However the installation process is not covered anywhere as I searched.

Could you, please, have a look to my open questions here:




@max I spent time recently working on support for cases where Cordova is not present (or when the plugins are not installed). It’s a total work in progress, but it may be helpful for those looking to run the same code in both a browser and Cordova app.

I appreciate all feedback, suggestions, and pull requests!


ionic is awesome !
I would like to contribute to the plugins for ionic (ng-cordova). But is there a technical guideline about how to write the angular wrapper from a cordova plugin ?
Appreciate any pointers.

Thanks !