Announcing: cordova-plugin-ui-sounds

Hello fellow Ionic users!

Audio has been a regular source of issues for my app, with each solution I tried having its own quirks and/or performance issues. I finally bit the bullet and decided to write my own Cordova plugin to solve my particular use case well.

Introducing: cordova-plugin-ui-sounds!

Here’s a brief overview of what the plugin does and does not do:


This is a Cordova plugin to add simple audio feedback to your mobile applications. The intended use is for adding app-specific tap and swipe sounds to your UI components.

In creating this plugin, we had the following goals:

  • Mix with other audio playing on the device without interruption or ducking.
  • Low-latency playback with little-to-no impact on the main thread.
  • No visible audio playback UI on the device or any paired wearable devices.


As this plugin is intended to play quick UI feedback sound effects:

  • Sounds play immediately
  • Looping and stereo positioning are unavailable
  • Simultaneous playback is unavailable: You can play only one sound at a time
  • The sound is played locally on the device speakers; it does not use audio routing.
  • Playback volume is linked to the device’s system audio channel, meaning no sounds are played while the device is in silent/vibrate mode.

If this sounds useful to you visit the GitHub repo to try it out!


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Pretty cool @talisman-andre well done

I didn’t use sounds so far but it’s super cool to know that an open source solution from the community is out there, thx for sharing

Thanks! I hope some people find it useful!

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