Animated Splash Screen in Ionic 4.0

Good day

I am new to the Ionic platform, and a trying to implement an animated splash screen. From my research it appears that it needs to be faked by showing a blank splash screen, then loading the animation once the app has started.

I found a wonderful tutorial on how to best do so in Ionic 3.0 here, but there are some differences between 3.0 and 4.0 making it difficult to implement this approach.

I have discussed it with a colleague of mine who is more experienced with the platform, and he suggests that we, similarly to the above mentioned tutorial, simply use a blank splash image, then play the animation first thing when the app loads, after which we show the “first page” so to speak.

Would this be suitable, or are we missing something important that might make the app appear slow?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Did you find solution?