Angular2 Calendar - dayClicked function invoked with "undefined" day parameter


I am using angulart 2 calendar in my project and I have an issue with trapping the dayClicked method. Here is my code and my action script function

ionic HTML code

[dayModifier]= “dayModifier”>

action script code

dayClicked = (day) => {

if (this.selectedDay) {
  delete this.selectedDay.cssClass;
day.cssClass = 'cal-day-selected';
this.selectedDay = day;


When I run the browser ionic emulator , I am getting the function dayClicked invoked but the parameter is coming out as “undefined”. I am stuck and any help is appreciated



Where did you come up with this calendarDay? You can’t just choose arbitrary parameter names out of nowhere.


I got it from some internet sample. Do you know what should be the parameter. Please help


“Copying random stuff I found on some blog” is no way to run a railroad. I would suggest looking at the official demo code of the project instead.


I am a new learner man and I saw that example and his code, it looked like this



dayClicked(day: CalendarMonthViewDay): void {
if (this.selectedDay) {
delete this.selectedDay.cssClass;
day.cssClass = ‘cal-day-selected’;
this.selectedDay = day;

I got error on the dayClicked($ from the HTML code. ionic was not understanding the $event. If i know how to re-mediate that, might solve my problem.

Again, help is appreciated !



I don’t, and nobody is going to be able to magically fix an error without an error message.