Angular Element + Ionic Platform

Hello guys,

I am testing from an android device.

when I add to my IONIC application a WebComponent generated with Angular Elements and proceed to check if the platform is cordova, it doesn’t work.

This is because if I add a webcomponent it no longer recognizes cordova as a platform. But if I remove the webcomponent, if cordova recognizes me

Do you have a sample project here?
Kind of hard to know what the issue is without one.

No, sorry…

the problem when installing the application on my android mobile is as follows:

The registered platforms of the application by default are the following:

[“android”, “tablet”, “cordova”, “mobile”, “hybrid”]

When adding the webcomponent they become:

[“android”, “tablet”, “mobile”, “mobileweb”]

Still not something we can fully debug from.
If you could make a small demo that has the issue, we can look at it from there.