Angular and Vuejs at same application

Hello, I wonder if it is possible to have a ionic application where we have code in Vuejs and Angular at same time. It should be able to route from pages on Vuejs to pages on Angular

Any clue will be welcome

I would not suggest doing this.

  • It becomes a pain to maintain and build out.
  • Why include two frameworks when both provide amazing set of features
  • Files size/build process becomes a nightmare.
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It is true, I understand the cons , the idea is to join two related projects that were developed with different frameworks (vuejs and angular) into one application . For now these const are not as a big problem as to have these two separated app with no interaction between them … I am checking Stencil, maybe this tool is going in this direction , right?

Honestly, the best option is to go all in on on framework, or keep the two app separate.

Regarding stencil…it depends. What problem are you trying to solve?

now we are added an app developed in vuejs into an app ionic/capacitor/angular, but using iframe … however we can not route to a angular page from vuejs this way

If u make one of the parts a webcomponent and then insert in the other? Not sure if it the smartest thing, but could be a solution direction

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Yep the best way to do this is to convert the vuejs code into a webcomponent or vice versa. I have converted an angular app into a component and used it in a react app.

I would imagine vuejs to component would be easier. But feel free to ping me if you choose to turn the angular app into a web component.

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Either rewrite the app as web components, or just convert the features to Angular or vue. Mixing things like this is not really the way to go and is just going to be more painful