Android's link selection area appears when $


As titled, when using $, the link selection area (the yellow area) appear on android devices, normally it’s already disabled by *{-webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0,0,0,0);}, but it appears when using $, it’s especially obvious when there are only two options for the popup.


is there any update? anyone experiences the same as well?


Can you show the screen shot of the same?


here’s the android screen cap, whenever i click the popup, it shows a yellow area (android’s link selection default style on web), here’s my code:

                                scope: $scope,
                                buttons: [
                                  { text: 'B1', 
                                     type: 'button-stable'
                                    onTap: function() {
                                         //my function
                                    { text: 'B2',
                                      type: 'button-stable'


Screen Cap 1

Screen Cap 2

Now i also find that the check-box also has such issue, when u check / uncheck the box


hellooooooo? any could help on this? it really looks disgusting, any further information needed please let me know


I noticed this as well, but decided to wait until I finish the app, because it’s not such an important stuff.
But in my case it happens when I close popups.


it seems fixed now in the latest build for the popup behaviour, but remains the same for the checkbox part