Android - _system problem with Chromium based browser

Dear Community,
I know, ionic v1 is an old project, but I am writing here to share my problem.

We have a problem with our app, and credit card users that use Android with Chromium based browser (Chrome or Edge browser).

App Details:
Ionic version: 1.0
Cordova version: 9.0

Problem Description:
During a credit card payment, we send the user to the bank’s website to enter the 3DS security code.
To send the user to the bank site, we open the url on system browser with _system.

  • With IOS everything works smoothly.
  • With Android and Samsung Internet Browser (chromium 79) everything works smoothly.
  • With Android and Chrome or Edge (chromium latest) the browser does not behave as it should, unless the browser is touched/activated by the user, touching on the content view or on the navigation bar.

On Android, it is as if the _system command opens the browser chromium based, but the browser is not set to active (on top) till the user touch it.

I also opened a bug issue on chromium, but without success:

I also brought in the credit card team assuming it was a problem with their source code (that do an automatic redirection without user interaction), but it brought no resolution.