Android Version is to "short"

I want to release my 2.2.0 Version of m Android App. But i don’t no why, the Android Version code is always wrong,
It is 20200 but correctly it should 202000.
I just edited the config,xml, nothing more…

In the old Versions, there was always an 8 after the last code like 202008 oder 101018.
I don’t understand whats changed, maybe it is a CLI problem…

Is there a way to fix this problem?

Hi LoLStats

I had this same problem. I fix it by increasing my version value on the config.xml file.

Before I was using version like this:

1.0.7 generates Android versionCode 100078

After update for ionic cli 2.0

1.0.8 generates Android versionCode 20078

I was not getting update my app on Google Play because it was saying to me that is a downgrade version.

What I done?

200.0.0 generates Android versionCode 200000

Now I can update on Google Play

Looks like this new version of Ionic calculates Android versionCode of different way.