Android System WebView Required?

I had a strange problem with video in my ionic 2 application a couple days ago. Come to find out that the reason the video was not playing was that I didn’t have the Android System Webview found here installed.

Is this app a requirement of ionic 2? If so, why is it that everything other then the video was working when running it on Android? Lastly is there any way I can bundle the webview with the app, so as to not have to make users of my app download and install the webview in order for the app to work.

Thanks in advance!

Depending on which version of Android you were running, that webview will have different levels of support for various things (like video). the common solution for older versions of Android is to include Crosswalk, will embed a modern webview. New Android OSes have much better webview support and don’t need this solution.

Thanks so much for the reply.

I know that Android 7.0 no longer has a use for it, but I still found it strange that Android versions as late as 6.0.1 ( what i’m running ) have a problem running video without it.