Android System Update corrupting SQLite database?

Hi there!

I have used Ionic 2 to create an app that has been available in the Google Play store since mid-August. Just a few weeks ago, I started getting lots of bug reports from customers saying that the app freezes when they login and one of my error messages displays with an “undefined” error code. Usually, the error message displays an HTTP status code with a message, but because it’s “undefined”, the app is failing even before the HTTP request is made.

Right before sending the HTTP request, I attempt to get some data from storage to use in the request. I believe that this is what is failing. I am using the cordova-sqlite-storage plugin with Ionic2-beta.10.

After talking with many of the users experiencing this issue, I’ve narrowed down the scope to users with Android 6.0.1 (mostly on Samsung, but not all) who have recently done a Android System Update. I know that Samsung puts out monthly security patches (with Google and Android patches included).

My question is: is it possible that one of these updates may have corrupted the SQLite database and caused my app to crash?