Android studio project to ionic?

I’m a student and i have a project for school(as a volunteer) on android but i was asked to make it on ionic.I just downloaded ionic and i am completely lost.I already have some code for the app on android studio is there a way to "transfer " the code from android studio to ionic?Also can you please suggest me a good tutorial on how to use ionic cause its confusing :confused: .

The code in Android Studio is not really transferable. You will be starting over.

There are several good resources available to help you allow. I would recommend my book from O’Reilly as an option :slight_smile: . Sani Yusef has a course on it through Josh Morony is another great resource. Ionic’s own Mike Hartington has a course on

Good luck!

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thank you!!! i will check both of them.Can you link me your book too?