Android Studio isn't updating with latest code changes

Android Studio doesn’t seem to be reflecting changes made in the app. These changes show in the web version. As a test I made a slight change to the string inside an alert() popup but even that is not showing on the app in testing.

How can I get Android Studio and my test phone to recognize new code changes? I thought it was supposed to be automagic?


  • Run npx cap sync android
  • Uninstalled the app from my phone
  • Run Sync Project with Gradle Files
  • Reload All from Disk
  • Invalidated Caches/Restart
  • Run Build --> Rebuild project
  • Deleted the Android folder and re-ran ngx cap add android
  • Tried both a physical phone and an emulator

No luck.

Well, it worked when I ran an ionic build. Do I need to run that every time?

I may be confusing the standard build process with Live Reload, which I had working once before: