Android splashscreen takes way too long

Hey guys,
i think i have read all post to the topic but nothing helped yet.
On ios devices the splashscreen hides perfectly, but on android it takes
the maximum time, even if the site ist loaded in behind it.
If I sa maximum is 10sec like so:

<preference name="SplashScreenDelay" value="10000"/>

it will take 10 sec.

on Android navigator is not defined:

if(navigator.splashscreen) {

I’ve also tried the ng-cordova style. The problem exists through many diffrent projects.
Can anyone help me =) ?
Cheers Nils

Check @Calendee 's post on the topic for inspiration:

hey zarko, thanks for your reply. I followed the instruction, but the problem still exists.
Any ideas?

A bit hard to tell without looking at the code or console logs.

i will try my chances after this long … have you find any solution ?