Android SDK, Ionic Lab

Hi, I just completed installation of ionic installation and completed till chapter 5(building out your app) and can see nice app in browser after giving command from cmd

I m working on windows 7

However, i have few doubts as i m trying to learn more about ionic…Please can someone help out…

  1. what are the must necessary tools and packages which i need to install from ANDROID SDK manager to run app which is created in IONIC LAB
    as of now, i have installed a) Android sdk build tools b) sdk platform and source for android sdk which is in Android 5.1.1 c) google USB driver
    if i created sample project and run it showing errors…

  2. How to edit the our Project eg. todo project, if i want to edit project name and project task from where i can do it…

  3. i m not clear where to use git which i have already installed as per instructions.