Android-release.apk does not exist


Hello. I can not build APKs with Ionic Pro today.

[08:58:14]: Successfully built android app
[08:58:14]: --- Step: upload_apk ---
[08:58:14]: ▸ The user-provided path platforms/android/build/outputs/apk/release/android-release.apk does not exist.
[08:58:14]: Shell command exited with exit status 255 instead of 0.
The user-provided path platforms/android/build/outputs/apk/release/android-release.apk does not exist. 

fastlane summary
💥 | upload_apk

Suddenly folder "/lib" inside the APK + user-provided path inexistant
Platforms/android/build/outputs/apk/debug/android-debug.apk does not exist

I think you have to update cordova android to version ~7.1.4 + I installed the gradle support plugin:

ionic cordova plugin add cordova-android-support-gradle-release


No. I think it was a temporary problem. The package has been built again after a time. Works now.


I’m having the exact same problem, did anyone find a solution?

EDIT My problem was that ionic cordova resources failed (for some reason) and I was trying to package an incomplete app. The error did not said that anywhere


Same here. How did you fix it exactly? If the error was not shown, where did you apply the ionic cordova resources instruction? As I use ionic Pro, I can only click a button.


I just ran the command before pushing the repo to Ionic Pro. Maybe your error is caused by other reason :thinking:


Hmm I still randomly get the path error. I have fixed all other items and got one APK done in between, but then again, the latest builds are broken again. Looks a bit like a misconfigured VM server or something, doesn’t it? Any other observations?


OK, I found the issue: If I have Umlauts in the commit message, things go horribly wrong during packaging. this seems to be the case for any build error I had. So I guess any non-standard chars might cause this issue.


So weird, nice that you figure that out. Is this char ¨, right?