Android Performance

I have read a review published back in April 2014 on various frameworks. The review has evaluated performance using an infinite list view. When it comes to Android Ionic lags behind Sencha Touch. Is this really the case? If yes, when can we expect a good release without performance issues on Android. Please advise.

I understand and respect that support for Android is version 4.1 +. I am not too much worried about older versions.

It really depends, if you can write good clean code, then you can get great performance on android. Plus, the article was written some time ago and since then, we’ve had some big improvements in performance.

Such as our collection repeat directive, which handles large lists of data with a drop in performance

This combined with our PTR or infinite-scroll can give you great performance on android.

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I’ve tested my Ionic app on a fairly wide array of devices and I have to say I am very happy with the performance.

My low end test devices (HTC Desire HD and a Samsung Galaxy S1) do battle a little bit with large lists although collectionRepeat made it usable even if not optimal.

From a Galaxy S2 and up (Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, LG G2, LG G pro, HTC One M7) I have been very impressed.

Another interesting note is that while I expected an old iPhone 4 to battle, it actually handled really well. Far better than the older Android devices.

My personal hunch is that it’s got less to do with the phone hardware or platform and maybe even less to do with your code (although this can certainly have a dramatic effect) and more to do with the OS version and what web view technology is being built upon on the target device. I do not have a lower end device running Kit Kat, but if I did I’d expect it to handle much better than the Desire HD / Galaxy S1 running Gingerbread.

Just my 2c.