Android min sdk => cordova


I’ve a very special problem :frowning:
Although I’ve set my min sdk to 14 in platforms/android/AndroidManifest,xml. The cordova camera plugin get’s compiled with a sdk >= 19, so I run into an error that cordova tries to call method FileHelper.getRealPathFromURI_API19 and this causes an exception :frowning:
I can see that the class FileHelper checks the var Build.VERSION to decide which method is taken _API11, _API18 or _API19.
I also tried to change the target sdk from 22 to 18 in the AndroidManifest.xml, also without success!

Could not find method android.provider.DocumentsContract.getDocumentId, referenced from method


ok, the message seems ok. I tested it with geny motion emulator, there it works, it seems to be another message

W/System.err( 7733): at

any suggestions?


I checkt all System.err messages, so I found out that the problem is a Permission. /storage/extSdCard/Android/data/at.meeximum.fotodoku/cache/.Pic.jpg: open failed: EACCES (Permission denied)

I’ll check further, as I’ve set all relevant permissions :frowning: