Android kill my app

Hello to everyone,
i finally completed my ionic app. Everything works fine, also push notification from my site. I developed and tested app on my Nexus 5, but yesterday i have installed app on huawei p9 and after several minutes, app don’t receive push notification, maybe because it was killed by android/huawei…and maybe other brand (like samsung) has implemented this system killing. What is the work around for keep alive?


Huawei phones have a quirk when it come to receiving notifications, you can get more details here

Thanks for reply, but…why only my app? Huawei however receive notification by other app installed, without particular settings. :frowning:

Which plugin do you use for notifications.

@akilud should be the same that you have linked me: phonegap-plugin-push.

Sending php script is:

$fieldsToSend = array(
		'send_to_all' => true, 
		'profile' => 'admin',
		'notification' => array(
			"title" => "Ci sono novità alla Jumping!", 
			"message"=> $this->getNewFbItem('message'), 	
			'android' => array(				
				'icon' => 'small_not',
				'image' => 'icon',
				'priority' => 'high'

Thank you

Notifications should work even if the app is killed, if its not your phone problem, then i could be that your phone lost connection to the gcm server , more details could be found here

Also you could try registering the tokens multiple times, (i do it everytime my app goes into the background which is a bit overkill)