Android flickering with ionicSideMenu and ionicSpinner upon app start


Device: Nexus 6
Scenario: App must be fully closed and then started.
I believe this is a bug. Using ionicSpinner within ionicSideMenu causes flickering when ion-content (child of ion-side-men) has a class on it. This would be the “home” state for my app. I’ve torn out as much as I could from my app (controller not in play here, simple angular ui route with view only). We want the background color to fill the full height of the sidebar when the viewport height is taller than the contents of the sidemenu so we don’t want to style a child element. Below is a condensed example that still shows the problem. Any help or fix would be appreciated. Thanks!

.bg-extra-dark-gray {
    background-color: #47484a;
        <!-- Content  -->
                    <ion-spinner icon="spiral"></ion-spinner>
            <!-- Side Menu -->
            <ion-side-menu side="left">
                <ion-content class="bg-extra-dark-gray">
                            Menu Item 1
                            Menu Item 2
                            Menu Item 3
                            Menu Item 4


Not sure if similair, but I’m currently also encountering screen and partial screen flickering.

For me it seems also te be caused by spinners or SVG with animations. When i remove them al;, the flickering disappears.