Android compatibility! API Level? Ionic.. Support Library we need to add for 19 n below

my Ionic project works in Lolipop device fine but not in Kitkat 4.4.4 and below ,so plz tel me how to support , it was working in Kitkat before but after adding few animation UI it is not working in Kitkat and Lower versions , but works in Lolipop and above plz help…

change the minsdkversion to make it fit your needs.

i’d also suggest to use crosswalk, because you might run into perf troubles

i tried cross walk but no luck

you also need to set the minsdkversion to support the older android versions.

will try that n see thank you :slight_smile: @maxx0r

i tried settting the minsdkversion to 16 still nothing , is there anything i am missing