Android can't scroll after using $ionicScrollDelegate.scrollBottom(true)

Here is my view:

 <ion-view view-title={{title}} >   
        <ion-content class="has-subheader dark-bg" overflow-scroll="true" padding="true" delegate-handle="consoleScroll">
            <pre class="light">{{serial.output}}</pre>    
        <ion-footer-bar class="bar-stable item-input-inset" keyboard-attach>
            <label class="item-input-wrapper">
                <input type="text"  ng-model="serial.input" placeholder="Enter Command Here" ng-trim="false"  my-enter="sendMessage()"/>            
            <button ng-click="sendMessage()"
                    class="button button-icon icon ion-android-send footer-btn"></button>    

My controller will add more text to {{serial.output}} and then call $ionicScrollDelegate.scrollBottom(true) to automatically scroll to the bottom…problem is, the view refuses to scroll using your finger after that. Subsequent calls to scrollBottom work perfectly fine.

I’m currently testing this in android.

OK. Seems to work fine if I omit the animation (true).

If I call $ionicScrollDelegate.scrollBottom(). I can still scroll with a finger. Why does the animation break it?

Hi, do you found any solution to enable animation scroll on android?