Android app working but ios doesn't

I am new to Ionic, I have been given an app build with ionic 1, I have added a simple input field to filter the items and it works just fine, when I tested the app on android it’s working perfectly, but on ios whenever I access a view in which the app uses a cordova plugin, the app doesn’t respond until I drugg the top menu of the iphone and pull it back up, for example I have a view in which I get the location of the user and update google maps with it, while getting the location I show the user a popup saying ‘getting the gps location’ using cordova-plugin-x-toast, but the message never shows up unless I drugg down and pull back the top menu, part of the code is the following to get the location, when executing for the first time, this code writes on the console ‘without any’, but then does nothing until I move the top bar, and then everything works fine, and the location is obtained:



function($rootScope, $scope, $ionicPopup, $state, $http, $ionicLoading, $translate, $cordovaToast, smartLocatersService)

Some code

$scope.$on(’$ionicView.enter’, function(){

  if(newSmartLocater['latitude'] != null && newSmartLocater['longitude'] != null) {
  	console.log('with lat long');
  	drawMap(newSmartLocater['latitude'], newSmartLocater['longitude']);
  } else if(newSmartLocater['address'] != null && newSmartLocater['address'] != '') {
  	console.log('with address');
  	getAddressCoords(function(selectedCoords) {
  		newSmartLocater['latitude'] =;
  		newSmartLocater['longitude'] = selectedCoords.lng();
  		drawMap(newSmartLocater['latitude'], newSmartLocater['longitude']);
  } else {
  	console.log('without any');
  	$cordovaToast.showShortBottom($translate.instant("gps_toast")).then(function(success) {
      	// success
    	}, function (error) {
      	// error


More code


After a lot of time searching I have solved the problem by changing the meta tag in index.html, I added ‘data: gap:’ as it is suggested here.
I will list the problems I had, beside the one I explained in the main topic, all these problems got resolved after changing the meta tag, I hope this helps someone:

  1. App view overlaps with menu of ios, but once I drug the menu down and pull it back it doesn’t overlap anymore.

  2. cordova-plugin-x-toast doesn’t show the notification unless I drug the top menu down and then pull it back.

  3. cordova-plugin-geolocation doesn’t retrieve the position of the user unless I drug the top menu down and then pull it back

  4. The same thing happens with opening the gallery and accessing the camera.