Android Adjustpan with crosswalk


Hi everyone :slight_smile: ,

I use ionic framework since a moment but i’ve a persistant issue.
Without crosswalk, Adjustpan work’s great. AdjustResize work’s great
With crosswalk, Adjustpan does not work because the input is hidden by the keyboard. AdjustResize the webview moves strangely when i show the keyboard.

I search a fix to use Adjustpan on android with crosswalk, if someone have an idea !

Update : This problem only exist in lollipop !

Fix found :
The reason was a false viewport height when i launch the app.
keyboardViewportHeight = getViewportHeight();
if(ionic.Platform.version() >= 5){
keyboardViewportHeight +=40;


Hi. Where did you get getViewportHeight() method and keyboardViewportHeight variable ?