Always getting cordova resources on build server

UPDATE: This is a bug in cordova. Will be fixed in the next release of cordova-android:

I’m trying to build my ionic 2 app on my TeamCity server, and every build starts with a clean checkout from git. I have used the default .gitignore from ionic, hence I don’t check in plugins/ or platforms/.

On my dev machine this works just fine, and I can build the android app with my icons/splash screens as placed in resources/android/ and referenced in config.xml

The build server first runs npm install to get things set up, and then ionic build android. This detects the missing android-platform, and installs it along with a new res/ folder containing cordova (not ionic) default images. When the build finishes, I get the cordova icons and splash screens, even though they are not referenced in the config.xml in the base folder.

Any ideas?

Build server runs Ubuntu Server 16.04.1 LTS npm version 4.0.3 node version 6.9.1 globally installed npm packages: cordova@6.4.0 ionic@2.1.13 npm@4.0.3 minimatch@3.0.2 npm packages in project (0 levels deep listing) ├── @angular/common@2.1.1 ├── @angular/compiler@2.1.1 ├── @angular/compiler-cli@2.1.1 ├── @angular/core@2.1.1 ├── @angular/forms@2.1.1 ├── @angular/http@2.1.1 ├── @angular/platform-browser@2.1.1 ├── @angular/platform-browser-dynamic@2.1.1 ├── @angular/platform-server@2.1.1 ├── @ionic/app-scripts@0.0.45 ├── @ionic/storage@1.1.6 ├── @types/localforage@0.0.32 ├── @types/lodash@4.14.41 ├── @types/moment@2.13.0 ├── @types/stripe@0.0.31 ├── angular2-moment@1.0.0-beta.rc.1 ├── ionic-angular@2.0.0-rc.3 ├── ionic-native@2.2.7 ├── ionicons@3.0.0 ├── lodash@4.17.2 ├── ng2-translate@4.0.1 ├── rxjs@5.0.0-beta.12 ├── typescript@2.0.10 └── zone.js@0.6.26