altKey, shiftKey and ctrlKey scrubbed by Ionic/Cordova?

I have an Angular1.5 library which provides a directive.

When hosted in a non-Ionic web page, I can see altKey, shiftKey and ctrlKey in the browser’s event object. This is invoked from an ng-click=“evaluate($event)”…

            scope.evaluate = function (evt) {
                var altKey = false;

                // clean up keys because of browser differences
                if (angular.isDefined(evt)) {
                    if (angular.isDefined(evt.altKey) && evt.altKey === true) {
                        altKey = true;
                    if (angular.isDefined(evt.srcEvent) && evt.srcEvent.altKey === true) {
                        altKey = true;

That code has existed since Angular1.2 and works fine in the major modern browsers. Don’t know if the browser difference code is still necessary but it works so not worried about it.

The altKey is used to send internal diagnostics to the server.

I’ve put that directive into an ionic page and when tested in Chrome/Win10 (and apparently OSX as well) the altKey, ctrlKey and shiftKey are all false in both evt (from $event) and in originalEvent. It seems like Cordova or Ionic is scrubbing the modifier keys. Any idea how to get access to them?