All PhoneGap apps will be rejected by App Strore? Also Cordova? (hoax)

Yeah, hopefully not all cordova apps will be banned…

That document is unsettling. ‘Early 2019 new apps created from a software of platform like Xamarin, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Trillian" will be rejected’.

Whether that’s accurate, impacts Ionic projects or not, etc., I don’t know.
The fact that it’s possible and wouldn’t be surprising + Apple literally creating a programming language on the fly in order to segregate their app-dev process even further from anything that isn’t Apple = my next phone is an Android.


Yeah, developers should boycott apple phones until they realize this is not okay.


Has there been any official reply by Apple specifically about Ionic/Cordova apps?

Sadly, I assume most developers realize it’s not OK, but Apple is very powerful and pays the mortgage for a lot of those developers. In my opinion, Apples’ approach to app development is socially and morally irresponsible. Exploitative, in many very small ways. Small enough that they add up without making much sound.

Until now I know only 1 source for this information:

All other location, like this here or reddit use the same image.

I would be skeptical for now. Let’s make sure this is not a fake…

If it is not: Strange collection of tools.
Trillian was a chat client for AIM, ICQ etc, wasn’t it?


Man, I forgot about Trillian. It looks like it’s still a chat client.

I would be surprised if this wasn’t a phishing email.

Why would Apple put lots of resources into WKWebview (which is awesome!) if they were going to ban apps that use web view?

Also, I haven’t gotten any email like this on my developer account. If they were changing policy, then they would probably alert everyone…


Yeah, it doesn’t carry a whole lot of weight. Then again, maybe Apple will be announcing their new Web-App-store at the end of 2018.

This is complete bullshit and is someone either trolling or trying to push FUD for their own aim (or it’s a phishing email as some suspect). It’s clearly fake. Every single technology that is popular outside of stock Swift/Obj-c would be at risk if that were true.

Also the template app issue is completely different. That’s if you have a tool that generates clones of your app for a lot of users.

On another note, we’ve had a number of people tell us that Apple support/review employees actually recommend Ionic to those that have gotten bit by template app issues.


Thanks for the clarification Max! It’s comforting to hear that Apple has recommended ionic to developers that were not approved due to template apps not meeting App Store guidelines.


For what it’s worth…


Someone missed the date by three months

Not April 1st yet

Very unsettling indeed!

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The joke’s on whoever wrote that email. Never a good idea to irritate millions of computer programmers…


it turned out to be a fake email. More than 6% of all apps on store are cordova apps… and I don’t think it’s possible to ban a framework like Xamarin.


The “source” published a follow up blog post:


To avoid (future) mess and any search engine wrong indexing, could you or someone change/enhance the title of this post with a keyword like “(hoax)” or “(troll)” or something?

Here’s source.

They say Codova takes up to 6% of all apps out there.

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Good point, done. Should be clearer this way.


I’ve received hundreds of emails regarding Apple reviews and a quick comparison shows a few faults in this fake.

When signing “App Store Review” it means that is came from the review team, usually when an app has been rejected for some reason. That team’s automated emailing system is always signed “Regards” and not “Best Regards”.

The review team wouldn’t be in charge of notifying random developers about policy enforcements in a couple of years. If that ever were to happen it would be the worldwide developer relations team.

Apple deliberately leave policies up to interpretation so they can use the vagueness of their policy to accept one app and not another depending on the reviewers’ judgement at the time.

Also the fact that the screenshot doesn’t have the standard plug for WWDC (been there for several years running) or the links to terms and conditions at the bottom is a bit suspect.

Unfortunately, a lot of white label app publishers have taken advantage of this hoax and have deliberately used scare tactics to get customers to buy before the end of the year… Others have fallen in behind them not looking at the commercial bias.