All Ionic files, Error:404 Not Found in built Cordova App. Visual Studio 2015 Community RC Config?



I created a new Cordova project in Visual Studio Community Edition 2015 RC. Using NuGet within VS, I added a blank Ionic framework. I started to create my app. Whenever I build my app/deploy to test device, I get 404 file not found for all ionic files my app depends on (ionic.css, ionic.bundle.js, ionicons.ttf, etc). I have correctly referenced these ionic files in my .html header/script tags. To fix this 404 error I have had to manually copy/paste each required Ionic file into the www folder. I think I’m missing some sort of Config issue here; to get Cordova to include the required Ionic files during app build, using VS2015 Community RC.
I’d be most grateful for any help/advice.


From my understanding VS2015 only serves up the content in your wwwroot folder. So you cannot reference anything NOT in the wwwroot folder.

This is a VS2015 issue, not an ionic issue: you can solve it with a GULP task to move/minify etc your ionic scripts into the wwwroot