Alert showing html code as text in Ionic 4


This code works fine for Ionic 3 but in Ionic 4 beta 12, still not working. Is this a bug? should I report it? how? I read the beta doc and it doesn’t say anything of configuring how to render the text as html or not.

  async showRules() {
    const alert = await this.alertController.create({
      header: 'Rules',
      subHeader: `<!--<div class="padding">-->

Brain Builder is up to date with the most recent research regarding IQ enhancement.
As the most recent research suggest, Brain Builder will increase the number of stimulus first (position, audio, color, etc.).
Once all stimuli have been mastered, the n-back will be increased.

	<h3 class="title">
Rules for beginners

A blue square will be shown every three seconds, press the button ‘Position’ when you find that the actual position of the blue square matches with that of the previous one.
The position of the square is accompanied with the pronunciation of a number and the very same rule applies for the sound.

      buttons: ['OK'],
      backdropDismiss: false
    await alert.present();

I would consider this beyond the scope of what Alerts are to be used for. If you need this much control over the content, I would use an ActionSheet or a Modal instead.

you dont need that comment so just remove it from there you dont write html in typescript if you do so it will print it as is